17 - 19 Flip Creative Director
14 - 19 School of Thought Founder
13 - 15 Drag Drop Give Creative Director
13 - 13 Josephmark Creative Director
10 - 13 BCM Senior Creative
08 - 10 Make Senior Creative
07 - 08 Sapient Nitro Copywriter
03 - 07 Make Art Director/Copywriter
00 - 03 Design Depot Senior Designer
98 - 99 Timaru Herald Graphic Designer
97 - 98 Oracle Design Graphic Designer
96 - 97 Pope Print Finished Artist

BADC 2018 Bronze x 6
BADC 2018 Finalist x 10
BADC 2011 Best of Show
BADC 2011 Gold x 1
BADC 2011 Silver x 1
BADC 2010 Bronze x 1
BADC 2009 Silver x 1
BADC 2008 Bronze x 11
BADC 2008 Finalist x 16
BADC 2007 Bronze x 7
BADC 2007 Finalist x 7
BADC 2006 Bronze x 3
BADC 2006 Finalist x 4
BADC 2005 Finalist x 8
BADC 2004 Silver x 3

New York AME 2012 Gold

New York Festivals 2008 Silver
New York Festivals 2007 Bronze
New York Festivals 2006 Bronze
New York Festivals 2006 Finalist x 2
New York Festivals 2005 Silver
New York Festivals 2005 Finalist

AIMIA 2012 Finalist
AIMIA 2008 Gold

IAB 2011 Gold

ADMA 2009 Finalist
ADMA 2007 Bronze
ADMA 2007 Bronze
ADMA 2006 Silver
ADMA 2005 Silver

CREAM 2006 Gold x 2
CREAM 2006 Silver
CREAM 2005 Gold
CREAM 2005 Silver
CREAM 2004 Silver

Summit Intl. (USA) 2006 Best of show
Summit Intl. (USA) 2006 Gold
Summit Intl. (USA) 2006 Silver
Summit Intl. (USA) 2006 Bronze x 3
Summit Intl. (USA) 2005 Gold
Summit Intl. (USA) 2005 Silver

AMI 2009 Gold x 2
AMI 2008 Gold National
AMI 2008 Gold
AMI 2008 Gold
AMI 2006 Gold
AMI 2006 National Finalist
AMI 2005 Gold
AMI 2005 Finalist x 2
AMI 2004 Gold x 3

Caxton 2005 Finalist

Young Guns Intl. 2007 Finalist

You’re not really supposed to write in the first person for things like this because it sounds a bit conceited. However the alternative is to pretend you’re not you, and write in the third person – which is quite a lot more pretentious again really, isn’t it? I’ll try and just be straightforward.

I’ve got over nineteen years experience as a creative, and have won a whole lot of shiny international, national and local awards for creativity and effectiveness (the ad industry is quite fond of congratulating itself).

I moved up the ranks from designer to creative director. You can have a look at my portfolio at jesserichardson.com.au if you’ve got a minute.

It sounds a bit wanky, but I’m what they call a digital native, which basically means I’ve been wasting time on the internet since the ’90s. I’ve had three attempts at making things go viral so far, and I’ve been weirdly successful three for three. I’m pretty sure that’s a record and so I should probably quit while I’m ahead. The first time was a viral video that got 8 million views on YouTube, the second time was a side project on critical thinking that also got millions of unique views and was tweeted by the likes of Stephen Fry, PZ Myers and Jimmy Wales, and the third time was a comedic political website that got over 400,000 Facebook likes in three days.

Recently I was asked to speak at the FWD conference for digital marketers, and I put together this little microsite on how to not suck online.

I’m presently working as a consultant and creative director to both agencies and clients, as well as doing a few projects to try and make the world a better place.

So, here is where we find ourselves. You looking for someone to solve your creative problems, and me with lots of demonstrated experience and skill doing exactly that. Drop me a line and we’ll see if we can work something out.

These are some things I will consider doing for money:

  • Strategic and Creative Consultancy
  • Creative Direction
  • Speaking and lecture engagements
  • Concept development (art direction, copywriting, design)
  • Making sandwiches (I’m pretty good at making sandwiches – the trick is to not skimp on the butter nor condiments)


Thanks for reading all the way to the bottom. As a reward, here is a link to a funny video.